Gluskin's Photo offers sensor cleaning for your digital cameras.

For other repairs, we other repair facilities that can help you out, depending on the brand and type of equipment needing repair.


It is sometimes difficult to decide whether to repair or replace a piece of equipment. The reasons are varied and in each individual circumstance there are always different, compelling or unique reasons influencing the decision. The following are some basic "rules of thumb" which might help with your decision:

If the cost is less than half the cost of the replacement, repair it
If you have a sentimental attachment to your camera, repair it
If your camera meets your photography needs, repair it
If you have more than one lens or many accessories for your camera, repair it
If you are comfortable with the operation of your camera and you don't want the hassle of learning a new system, repair it
If you are planning to replace your camera with a used camera, dont'. Repair yours instead.

Please fell free to call with questions or bring in your equipment and we can discuss your options.

Before we advise of you repairing your equipment, we take time to discuss with your options with you. We can help to evaluated your equipment to see if it can or should be repaired. You only want to send cameras worthy of repair in for repair. Sometimes, and this is true with some point-and-shoot digital cameras, it is more economical to replace it than to repair it. We will always give you guidance to help you can make an informed decision.

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