"Chocolate Crisis Center" Chocolates
Please come in to get your Dose of the "Chocolate Crisis Center" chocolates
or call, we will be happy to ship them to you

(209) 477-5566

Dosage Bottles come in "Daily Dose" "Mega Dose" & "Over Dose"

Available flavors:
Tiramisu Cocoa Caramel
Cinnamon Buzz Bomb
Raspberry Truffle
Candy Apple Caramel
Mint Chocolate Caramel
Chocolate Blueberry

"Nut Case" selections are availabe in:
Milk Chocolate Toffee Peanut
Dark Chocolate Cranberry Almond

We carry individual Chocolate Bars made with
Milk or Dark Chocolate in a "guilt-free" size

And don't forget the "Crisis Kit" which is a mini first aid kit with
a bottle of Daily Dose chocolates and 4 Chocolate Bars,
a great gift idea!

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